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David Bromley - writer, inkerPhillip Bowles - penciler, colorist
David J Bromley                      Phillip Bowles


In David J. Bromley's and Phillip Bowles' collection of color cartoons, their skillful use of drawing and color has brought to life the humorous vignettes of the adventures of Mitch the pizza delivery man. In using striking juxtaposition of bold colors, Bromley and Bowles have followed in the tradition of the 20th century illustrator and colorist, C.B. Falls. Fine line drawing, an exuberance of color, and funny situations for Mitch have produced very likeable cartoons that are particularly appealing to children and young adults.

Lynn Vandenesse
Art Exhibit Coordinator
Richmond Public Library

Mitch, the Hero of our Story

Richmond Public Library
Gellman Room

Opening Reception
First Friday
March 7, 2014
6:30 - 9:00

continues through
April 1, 2014

101 E. Franklin St.
Richmond VA 23219

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Exhibit Description

The exhibit will contain more than 50 color cartoon panels as well as some full scale posters. Some subjects are wild (biker gangs), a few are tame (like barbers), while others are far-out (aliens). What do these characters have in common with their fellow guest stars King Kong, Alfred E. Neuman, Captain Crunch and many others?
They all want PIZZA - and they want it DELIVERED!

These dangerous deliveries are made by none other than our very own MITCH, employee of Zeno's Pizza, who delivers pizza anywhere. ANYWHERE.

Inspired by comic greats of silent film such as Harold Lloyd and Buster Keaton, the cartoons are perfectly timed slapstick - in glorious Technicolor!

Artists' Statement

These drawings are loosely based on a character by Phillip Bowles that was published in The Commonwealth Times. Upon collaboration, David Bromley suggested a pantomime approach to the storytelling, supported in text only by the title.

The nature of the work is entirely visual, using written titles as a valuable, but not necessary, component of the scenario. Bromley and Bowles are influenced not only by the slapstick of silent film comedians, but also the drawings of master cartoonists such as Charles Addams and Don Martin.

The collaborative aspect of the work involves four main stages from concept to digital coloring. Each artist contributes to the others efforts, but David is the primary writer and ink artist, while Phillip is the pencil illustrator and colorist. Most of the production is done on paper, but Photoshop is used for the final output.

Pizza Nocturne


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